This is The World's First Modular Cricket Stadium Where Eight Matches of The T20 World Cup are Being Played

The ninth edition of the ICC T-20 Cricket World Cup is being jointly organized in America and West Indies from June 1 to 29. Cricket is not a very popular sport for America. This is also the first time that the Cricket World Cup is going to be held in America.

This is The World's First Modular Cricket Stadium Where Eight Matches of The T20 World Cup are Being Played
This is The World's First Modular Cricket Stadium Where Eight Matches of The T20 World Cup are Being Played

The upcoming T-20 World Cup matches will be played in six stadiums in the West Indies and three in the US. The discussion of one of the three stadiums in the United States prepared for the upcoming World Cup is very hot right now.

The Nassau County Cricket Stadium in New York is the world's first modular cricket stadium and it has received a lot of attention. This stadium has been prepared keeping in mind the upcoming T-20 World Cup. It is a temporary cricket stadium.

In the ninth T-20 World Cup, the match between the two arch-rivals India and Pakistan will also be played at this stadium. The match between India and Pakistan will be played on June 9. This stadium was inaugurated on May 21 by Usain Bolt, the world's fastest runner.

Bolt, an eight-time Olympic gold medalist, also batted during the inauguration of this stadium. Courtney Walls, an influential West Indies cricketer, was also present at the opening ceremony. Apart from this, some other famous cricketers were also present at the opening ceremony.

It is said that about four billion rupees were spent to prepare this stadium. A pitch made in Australia has been used in this stadium. The stand of Formula One has been brought into use for the spectators to sit.

After the ninth edition of the T-20 World Cup, this stadium will be converted into a park again. Steel and easily removable metals have been used to prepare this stadium. Bermuda grass used in football and baseball stadiums is also installed in this stadium.

As this is a temporary stadium, other sports activities can also be conducted in it after the World Cup cricket is over. According to the news, the modular cricket stadium was built without preparing a structure of a permanent nature due to lack of time to prepare the infrastructure for the World Cup and environmental issues.

There was an obligation to build a new stadium in New York within 6 months for the T-20 World Cup. There was no option to build a temporary stadium in such a short time. By building a temporary stadium, it was not likely to have any impact on the environment.

It is said that after the end of the ninth World Cup, this stadium will be brought back to its original condition and handed over to the local community. Recently, in a city where there are very few major sports activities, a temporary stadium is seen as a suitable option.

Nassau County Cricket Stadium has a capacity of 34,000 spectators. Although it is temporary in nature, this stadium has suitable arrangements for ordinary to special spectators. In addition to this, all necessary facilities for the media have also been provided.

A drop-in pitch is used at the Nassau County Cricket Stadium. 10 pitches for this stadium were prepared in the city of Adelaide, Australia. The pitch weighing about 30 tons was brought to Florida in the US last December by ship.

Then the pitch was taken care of for five months in Florida and made even better. The pitch was then brought to the Nassau County Cricket Stadium and installed. It took about four days to deliver the 10 pitches from Florida to New York by road.

Trucks and containers with a capacity of more than 30 tons were used to transport the pitch from Florida to the Nassau County Cricket Stadium. The road was also blocked for some time while the pitch was being moved.

As the weather in New York was not suitable for preparing the pitch, the pitch was kept in Florida for five months after it was brought from Australia, according to Chris Tetley, head of events of the ICC. According to him, if it had been brought directly from Australia to New York, there would have been problems on the pitch due to the cold.

Drop-in pitches have been used for the second time in a row in the Cricket World Cup. Earlier, a similar pitch was used in the T20 World Cup held in Australia in 2022. Such a pitch was used at the Adelaide Oval in Australia at that time.

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